Amazon Free Delivery

If your Amazon order doesn’t quite qualify for free delivery…

book cover

…may I recommend the addition of A Year Before Christmas ? a verse about Emmy Elf’s struggle to earn her place among Santa’s elves.

At £3.50 (around US $9) it makes a neat little stocking filler to top up your Amazon order.

book cover for the Godmother

Or maybe The Godmother at £4.47 (US $5.76) – an updated Cinderella story to give that pantomime feel to your holiday reading – suitable for children of all generations.

elves climbing large face

It’s getting closer.

Whatever your genre, enjoy the anticipation

covers of my books

7 thoughts on “Amazon Free Delivery

    1. I always add one on if I don’t quite make the free delivery in the hope of selling it at my u3a meeting (when they resume) ot talks at the local library. Usually though I give it away to a neighbour or relation’s friend.

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