Christmas Wrapping

While one hand holds the paper,
t'other's groping for the tape. Her
goodwill fades as sticky tape escapes her lurches.
She lets go the gift, to travel
to the tape that caused the hassle
and the perfect wrap unravels.

Christmas present trapping
while the other side’s unwrapping
and the tape is strapping fingers to the box,
is a skill she’s never mastered.
She’s plastered the label
to the table. Hubby mocks.

But he won’t wield the scissors
to help her do the business.
And as weeks fly by to Christmas, pressures rise
to wrap every festive offering
for her children and their offspring
—whether fake bling or the real thing—by yuletide.

When they’re stacked under the tree,
looking higgly piggledy,
and the grandkids come to see
and anticipate with glee, tree-lights winter-twinkling.
They won’t go in Santa’s sack
because the corners come unwrapped,
but it’s worth her aching back
when her grandchildren feedback: Gran’s look… interesting.
Merry Christmas

It’s getting nearer…

17 thoughts on “Christmas Wrapping

  1. This is so adorable, Cathy. It is just what happens to Vince and me when we wrap presents. The grumpy definitely comes out! 🙂 But the end result is happy times under the tree. 🙂

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  2. I often wonder why I worry about the wrapping when I see how quickly it is ripped off! Nonetheless I seem to plow ahead. I also write witty gift tags(witty to me anyway) just as my grandfather did. I have to ask the recipients to read the tags before they rip the paper. Ah well.

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    1. I don’t have the mental energy for witty gift tags, although I did used to write rhyming treasure hunt clues for the Christmas treasure hunt. It’s quite a relief that my grandchildren are (mostly) too young for treasure hunts and my children too old (or so I tell them).

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