My Writing In Print

I feel very honoured to have my story All the Time in the World published in issue twelve of Tales From the Forest. The theme for this final edition of the short story magazine is time. Time is available now from

Two of my verses will appear in the Christmas edition of The Poet magazine, due for publication in the second half of December.

In addition, one of my stories has been shortlisted in the monthly competition of a leading writers’ magazine in the UK. My last story shortlisted with them didn’t make it to publication so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this one.

And – just to keep me busy – I’m about to upload The Pond People to Amazon and Smashwords for publication, with a gorgeous cover from John Spiers.

As those who follow John’s blog (My Life With Gracie) will know, his book How To Explain Christmas to Chickens was recently published on, and whatever Amazon marketplace is local to you.

A version of The Pond People was previously serialised on this blog, but I can’t make up my mind whether to call it The Pond People or The Mirlings. Any preferences out there?

My family and writing group were equally divided. Since I can’t publish till I have a title, I’ve gone for one that gives a clue what the story’s about…

book cover, The Pond People
Available now on Amazon and Smashwords


What Do You Think?

8 thoughts on “My Writing In Print

  1. Hi, Cathy. Thanks so much for the mention! I think you already know my vote is for “The Mirlings” because like Elizabeth said, “I like the mystery.” I truly hope this will be tremendously successful for you!

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