What Else Can Go Wrong?

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

My car hates me

Yesterday my car locked me out.

I have a spare key that I’ve never got around to taking out of my bag. My bag was in the car.

There is a problem with central locking, in that it doesn’t work properly. When I unlock the car with the remote, it unlocks and immediately locks again, so I have to unlock with the key in the door. After that, opening remotely will hold.


Never would I have imagined that it would lock itself with the key in the ignition and the engine running.

And me outside.

Why was I out of the car with the engine running, you ask. The dogs escaped when my husband opened the door and I got out to help retrieve them, leaving the car door open. When I returned to the car and closed the door to allow someone past, the central locking kicked in. Needless to say, this also locked the bonnet and boot (I believe that would be hood and trunk to our U.S. cousins).

My husband is an ex-policeman. I left him manouevering lengths of wire and came in to Google the problem.

Apparently I’m not the only dimbo to be locked out of this model with the key in the ignition (although not usually with the engine running). One owner had called out the AA, but they caused a fair amount of damage getting in, and nobody had any other tips that didn’t involve a second key.

So, back at the car, in the rain, we levered with screwdrivers and wiggled our lengths of wire, trying to unlock the car door. Meanwhile, I was hoping a couple of dope-smoking youngsters might wander past with more recent experience of breaking in than us. If it had been next week, the schools would have been on half term holiday.

All the time we were wiggling bits of wire that wouldn’t go where we wanted them, I really didn’t believe what hubby was trying would work, even if we got there. Oh me of little faith! He did it, bless him. Twenty years out of the force and he hasn’t lost the touch.

The dogs watched us through the window, yapping to alert the neighbourhood that we were having fun without them.

rain on window

Yesterday was a busy day one way and another. There was the email to say that our delivery from Amazon had been “handed to a resident”.

Not this resident, I hastened to assure chat support. That’s another half hour I’ll never get back. (Parcel since delivered – eight thirty yesterday evening – thank you, Amazon.)

This week we have a shed to erect. Here in the UK weather has been variable. Fortunately, we had no rain on the day it was delivered by a driver on his own. He’d offered to bring the shed and seven oak railway sleepers into our front garden instead of leaving everything kerbside, so I couldn’t leave him to struggle with them alone. Hubby had a triple heart bypass last year, but he came out to help anyway.

Oak is h e a v y . So are shed floors.

Yesterday it rained. And rained. And rained. (And the dogs got wet on their walk, and I got locked out of the car.)

I should mention that this shed (pictured above) is on the edge of our garden. Its back wall also serves as fence, so once it’s gone, we have to get the other one up a.s.a.p. or our dogs will consider their garden now includes the forest… and the road nearby. Stepson is coming on his day off to help.

Today is blessedly dry, so I must go finish emptying the old shed, and himself will dismantle its electric ready for a quick take down on demolition day.

So, my bid to rewrite Pond People (or, maybe, The Mirlings) is on hold while I tackle more physical tasks. Perhaps all this activity will fuel my imagination for the rewrite (something needs to…).

Perhaps I’ll lose some weight.

Perhaps I’ll look into that painless barking deterrent I just saw advertised on Facebook.

Have you had weeks when nothing goes as planned?

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