Your eyes are bold and bright. Her eyes were too.
You waggle as you follow me around
and bring me toys and treasures that you’ve found
that once another dog would love to chew.
puppy chewing
You follow through the house, from door to door,
and settle while I type or when I cook.
Sometimes I stand, forgetting first to look,
and make you squeal by treading on a paw,
puppy bringing in flowerpot
Still, you forgive and never back away,
tail wagging, trusting, fearless as before.
Afraid of nothing. Poised to run, and play
with dogs, cats, birds, balls… wheels.
Two-wheels or four.
Sleeping Ruff
I’ll fear on your behalf, young furry waif,
protect you from yourself and keep you safe.
Wasn’t me

Does your pet have a death wish?

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