Broken Blue

The invitation from Carol J Forrester in her blog, was to find an object lying around me and write a verse about it.

I bought it as an outdoor clock
with blue tit perching on a log, 
intending it for garden use.
But when I took it from the box
it threw itself upon the floor
and in four pieces there it lay,
its face in three flat segments
with its heart still ticking time away.

Oh well! It was no great expense.
I’ll have to throw it in the bin.
And yet… the breaks were clean, unchipped.
Abandoning it seemed a sin.

Instead, out came the superglue
to salvage such a pretty thing.
Soon, sticking fingers to the tube
and propping up, and balancing,
the stonecraft disc began to hold.
Prop that side up; this join needs lift.
The front seems smooth, though at the back
the clock’s square core is all skew-whiff.

Although it won’t survive a storm,
inside the house, it keeps good time.
Its blue tit’s perching, dry and warm.
Perhaps that’s what he had in mind.

rain on window

(You can see the joins in the photo if you look very closely.)

Have you taken up a new challenge lately?

6 thoughts on “Broken Blue

  1. I love the way you accurately captured that it threw itself upon the floor. One of my favorite moments in my marriage was when my husband said “the plate fell and broke.” Yup. Another animated object.

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