Wringing in the Rain

Remember shop awnings?

We wen’t into town this morning and passed a long queue outside the local baker.

It is a tiny shop. It was normal to shuffle in sideways to wait behind the door, at the back of the throng, but with social distancing we have to queue properly. Outside.

It occurred to me that we will soon be into the rainy season. (Some might argue that all seasons are rainy in the UK, but this summer has been dryish for some.)

I’m not good with umbrellas. When commuting, my umbrella would threaten people’s eyesight. Here in the Fens the winds are often too strong to deploy one. I prefer a hood for dashing between car and doorway, but queueing outside a shop in a downpour is another matter.

In my youth, shops had awnings. (Yes, I am that old).

UV-blocking glass and air conditioning has mostly replaced awnings, except for the few surviving greengrocers who display their wares outside. Looking along what passes for our high street this morning, I didn’t see a single one.

Granted, there may be some cunningly concealed and ready to slide out at the push of a button. If so, I don’t recall seeing them ever deployed.

Since it looks as though social distancing will be with us for some while, it might be a good time to buy shares in manufacturers of shop awnings. Depending, of course, on how much superstores and high street shops really do care about their soggy customers.

Alternatively, it may be a safer bet to buy shares in umbrella manufacturers.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have you mastered the skill of umbrella juggling?

7 thoughts on “Wringing in the Rain

  1. I hadn’t realized that awnings had disappeared. I will have to look if I ever go any place. As for umbrellas my main problem is running into people. I wish I had that clear plastic balloon umbrella of my 20’s back.

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    1. perhaps the shops that really care about their customers will bring them back if we get that predicted “second wave” of covid and have to start queueing in the street again. (Don’t hold your breath)

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