Rethinking The Pond People

Thank you to everyone who commented encouragingly on my recently-serialised story The Pond People.

I’ve made a number of changes while re-editing it for an e-book and it looks different already, but I have accepted what I knew in my heart of hearts… that it is still two-dimensional and needs work.

I envisaged Pond People originally as a general fantasy rather than a children’s story, and I may return to that goal. (My grandchildren may well be adults anyway by the time I’m finished with it.)

I’m aiming for more complexity and depth (although that could be a challenge in a fish tank. Maybe if I think in terms of lockdown it’ll help). Its new working title is Pond Life.

Just putting it out there was a useful exercise. It helped me to see it with the eyes of a reader as well as an author.

And the sky didn’t fall.


swimming mermaid


You’ll be relieved to hear that I won’t inflict Pond Life on you all again. Instead…

Coming to a blog near you…

I’m about to serialise another story that’s been sitting among my files for a while. (Not just because it saves me having to think of something to post on here. Although that is a consideration.)

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting episodes of The Godmother, an alternative fairytale.

I’ll post it in half chapters, since blog readers are busy people, and if I can get my act together it should take us up to Christmas, which seems appropriate for a Cinderella story.



There – I’ve said it now so I’ll have to do it.

Watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Rethinking The Pond People

  1. I completely agree with this…”Just putting it out there was a useful exercise. It helped me to see it with the eyes of a reader as well as an author.” I would be lost without my readers here on WordPress, and if not lost, I would certainly be banging my head against some awful dead ends!

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