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The Poet Magazine has published two of my verses in their summer edition, On the Road (click on link or image below for more information about this edition).

I don’t consider myself a poet (I don’t think I could produce blank verse to save my life) Two of my rhymes submitted for feedback to a well-known writing magazine were noticeably sniffed at (“Some people would find this amusing…”) so I’m chuffed that one of them has found its way into print.

For you real poets out there, The Poet is seeking contributions for their Autumn 2020 edition with the theme of A NEW WORLD: Rethinking our lives post pandemic.

Subjects can include: daily lifestyle, ethics, community, looking after the planet, new workplace environments, compassion between mankind, conservation, animal welfare, education… in fact anything and everything to do with living and life after the pandemic, real or imagined! Find information on submissions at

What do you plan to do differently post-pandemic?

15 thoughts on “The Poet

        1. Nobody seems to have a definitive history for it, but the good old Partridge dictionary of Slang relates “Originally northern English dialect meaning ‘proud’, adopted by military, then wider society.” (Apparently it can also mean “annoyed, displeased, disgruntled” – Wiktionary – but I’ve never heard it used that way.) The one I like best is related to birds chuffing up their feathers, but I can’t find it now to give a reference for it.

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    1. Actually it made me smile at the time. It positioned the magazine’s poetry page (and its advice) in my head; I’m weighing up plusses and minuses when I decide which of the two magazines I subscribe to will go at the end of this year. I hadn’t hear of The Poet magazine until a blogger pointed me towards it, but I’m now Following.

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