Another poem penned for one of the 12 poems in 12 months challenges at Deadlines for Writers.com . The prompt for this one was “rudimentary”.


Amoeba-like in amnion.
Protozoan cells divide,
Burrow into tissue softness.
Fix location.
Fluid flowing in, around.
Nourishment by yolk sac,
like a baby chicklet.
Seed-sized – open sesame!
Not five weeks on yet.
Lentil-sized now. Tadpole-like,
still elementary.
Shapes reforming: limb buds, tailbone...
Kidney bean-sized. Skin so fine:
a veil, transparent.
A jumping bean but still, from outside,
not apparent.
Two months on and almost human,
features showing.
Seven spent refining all
and simply growing.
From single cell to sentience
at term's conclusion.
Each birth another miracle
of evolution.

Are you participating in any writing challenges at the moment?

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