Images in WordPress

Chris, the Story-reading Ape explains the easy way to optimise storage space in your WP Media Library.

NB: If unsure where to find the Media screen shown below, see Chris’s additional post at

Have you been using images that are VERY LARGE, and/or, PNG Format? Have you been reblogging and noticed how LARGE, some folks make their images? Result Running out of space in your WordPress Media Storage and thinking about paying for more? Unless you are displaying your own images / photos, and WANT to have them […]

Blogger Tip 01 – How to Resize Images inside your WordPress Media and SAVE STORAGE SPACE — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog


More about WP images in another post…

3 thoughts on “Images in WordPress

  1. Good morning, Thanks for sharing the Ape’s post. Very timely as I’m sorting my Media Library at the moment. I’ve recently changed my theme and the sizing for images is different from the last one. Bit of a haul so all tips very welcome. X

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