More Chickenfeed Games

Download (free) a new card game from John Spiers of Gracie and Friends fame.

In our new “Scratch And Peck!” card game, two chickens are scratching and pecking to collect the most points for Wiggly Worms, Big Weird Bugs, and Grumpy Grubs. But there are a lot of things that chickens won’t eat or shouldn’t eat, particularly Rusty Nails!

One of the special things about this game is that the cards are dealt “face up.” This is because chickens are not very good at turning cards over. But chickens are very good at being curious so everyone must follow the “No Peeking, No Touching” rule!

If you know your left hand from your right hand (or your left wing from your right wing), you can play this game!

3 worms

Click on this link to download; then scroll further down that page to find more games from John and his chickens.

eggs in tray


What are your favourite card games?

We used to spend hours playing card games with the children.

old woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Now I don’t even remember the rules to most of them.


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