Future Past

This was written for a different challenge. Not, this time, a poetry challenge as such, but a general writing prompt for Someone I Knew.

Someone I Knew

I don't get out much now – in fact, I don't get out at all,
except for in the garden, with a frame in case I fall.
The meals here could be better. Food don't taste the same at all.
But sometimes I get choc'lates when outsiders come to call.
A lovely lass came yesterday. I don't recall her name.
Oh, here it is – she wrote it down – it looks like Sarah-Jane.
Now what a strange coincidence; my daughter's is the same.
We thought, that way she'd have a choice. But she said both were lame.
And now this nice man's here and rabbiting away full-flow.
Calls me Ma instead of Margaret as he paces to and fro.
He didn't say what his name was and I'm sure I don't know,
but he brings to mind a boy I once knew many moons ago.
old woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

What spectre haunts your future?

7 thoughts on “Future Past

  1. One of my fears was that I would hear music I loved in grocery stores and feel really old. It came true. How very odd to be shopping and hear a cleaned up melody from the Rolling Stones.

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  2. My friend ended his days in a care home a youngster, the same age as me. He died of PSP a nasty cross between Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease with a few added nasty extras. One day I was visiting him, we were walking along a corridor him with a Zimmer frame. An old lady came towards us also using a Zimmer frame she was distressed because she needed to get home for her tea and her mum would be worried about where she was. I probably found that as distressing as trying to help my mate along and stop him falling over despite his Zimmer frame.

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