The pan-dimensional mouse

These pictures are amazing!
The post is about first impressions: seeing what the brain expects to see. Our minds accept what is familiar and believe what they are accustomed to believing.
Here’s to opening our minds and exploring the unfamiliar.

The Silent Eye


I have spent a lot of time lately working with two-dimensional representations of multidimensional states. No, I don’t mean anything arcane and mystical… or something that belongs in the realm of science fiction either. I’ve been working with pictures.


We tend to think of dimensions in spatial terms of height, length and depth. That is how we are first taught about the whole affair in school and why would we question it? We simply accept that we live in an apparently three-dimensional universe, and that an image, for instance, is only a two dimensional representation of a wider reality… a symbol, if you like. It has become widely accepted that ‘time’ makes a fourth dimension… the difference between how things were and how they are. Time travel has become such a popular idea through literature and entertainment that none of us boggle at the possibility… even while we accept it…

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6 thoughts on “The pan-dimensional mouse

  1. The professor paused leaned back in his large swivelling armchair placed his hands behind his head and seemed deep in thought. After a long silent pause as if weighing his words carefully, he spoke.

    “In a sense time travel has, since we have been able to record and store information been to a limited degree, possible.”
    Arnold looked surprised.
    Professor Quilp continued,
    “Written accounts of historical events give us a picture of life at that time, as do even paintings on a cave wall. Similarly, sound recordings and films give us a picture of times past, even the events of a particular day. The people who have since died are resurrected to become again the teenagers and thirty-year-olds inhabiting the places as they were then.”

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