Adding Witch Way to Smashwords

An offer…

The e-version of Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories, currently available for Kindle, will be published for all e-formats on Smashwords from 21st June at $2.99 (£2.97).

Until then, it is available to preorder from Smashwords at the reduced price of $1.99 (£1.97).

book cover, Witch Way

(If you have no plans to publish ebooks on different self-publishing platforms (or if you’ve already done so) you may want to skip the rest of this blog post. )

This week, I uploaded to Smashwords the e-manuscript I’d already published on Kindle. I’d changed the ISBN*, thinking I’d done all that was needed.


When I wrote my “Practice novel” (as you do when you start to write fiction) I planned to publish it on Smashwords and did my homework first. (I actually completed this Magnum Opus, but lost faith in its premise. It languishes on my laptop still.)

From the beginning, I formatted this masterpiece according to Mark Coker’s Smashwords Style Guide, which advocates the use of bookmarks to link to the Table of Contents.

Meanwhile, I’d joined a writing group and found myself formatting anthologies of our collected writings for print (Where the Wild Winds Blow and A Following Wind). In the process, I discovered MS Word’s automated Table of Contents which picks up their Heading Styles as default – much easier to set up for print and also accepted in Kindle versions.

I forgot about bookmarks. When my ebook file for Witch Way was rejected by Smashwords, it all came back to me.

Having now gone through to bookmark every chapter title in the manner prescribed by Smashword’s Style Guide, I will revert to this method in future for e-books. It takes a little longer, but Kindle is happy with either method. (A Year Before Christmas, was formatted with bookmarks in the Smashwords style when I first published it on KDP.)

To be on the safe side, I’ve also changed my chapter headings from Word’s Heading Styles to a custom style I set up. Word’s Heading styles automatically show up as possible links, whether bookmarked or not, so I thought it best to dispense with them in case they confuse matters.

*Re. ISBNs

In case you’re wondering, the ISBN must be different for each format of your ebook; Kindle is mobi and Smashwords converts to epub. Both Amazon and Smashwords will provide free ISBNs, if you want to use them, and ISBNs for the other formats Smashwords converts to. If you want to publish away from these platforms each version is a different “edition” and requires a different identifier. Each “edition” belongs to the ISBN purchaser.

blank pages flying to book

And, in case you missed it the first time…

The e-version of Witch Way, available for Kindle, will also be published on Smashwords on 21st June at $2.99 (£2.97). Until then, it is available to preorder at the reduced price of $1.99 (£1.97).

If you’ve stuck with me this far…

Please help me set up my Smashwords profile.

Smashwords encourages authors to set up an “interview” page to answer questions on their books but, apart from one question, my mind is blank.

What questions would you ask me (or any author) in an interview?

5 thoughts on “Adding Witch Way to Smashwords

  1. A question for your interview: I find the phrase “ambiguous stories” very interesting and sure to attract readers. What is your definition of an “ambiguous story”? Or should I read yours and discover my own definition?! 🙂

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