R.I.P. Pickle 2003-2020

Bye all

20th August 2003 to 8th June 2020


There are no words…


. ……………………………..Where’s Pickle?


16 thoughts on “R.I.P. Pickle 2003-2020

    1. We’ve generally got two or three (people seem to see us as a rehoming centre, but they all get on). Pickle was a one-off though. Now we’re down to one dog and she’s wondering where Pickle’s gone.

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        1. It makes it even worse, doesn’t it?
          We’re lucky in having a dog next door she can play with and a shared (gated) drive. Both dogs spend time together in both houses. When we go down to London at the weekend I’ll be dog-sitting my son’s daschund pup, so she’ll have someone to play with there too.

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