Another villanelle (see Hiatus for my first). This was the one I posted for May’s 12 poems in 12 months challenge at Deadlines for Writers.com


They come to me in dreams at night
as scurrying streaks of whiskered greed,
black beady eyeballs gleaming bright

They first appeared in broad daylight.
Beneath the bird table they’d feed
and come to me in dreams at night.

They run, but still I fear their bite
and shudder at their scuttling speed,
and beady eyeballs gleaming bright.

A worm-like tail whips out of sight
when I approach the spilled birdseed
but whisks back in my dreams at night

When gardening there’s no respite
I feel them watching from the weed,
black beady eyeballs gleaming bright.

I fear to find traps occupied
yet bait them still. And still they breed,
and still they come in dreams each night,
black beady eyeballs gleaming bright.

What gives you nightmares?

8 thoughts on “Drat!

    1. Glad you liked it. The nightmare’s all too often a reality when you live alongside a fenland dyke. The trouble is, the little ones look so harmless (and clean) when they first come up to feed, compared to their city cousins that come up from the sewers. Sadly, like mice, they multiply too quickly.

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    1. One place I lived, a a rat got into the house. I still recall my (then) husband in his underpants and wellington boots, weilding a hoe as he waited for it to come out from behid the radiator after I turned the heating up

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