I missed it!

Worthing Flash published my story, Unspecified, on 9th May, (They said they would, but I forgot.)

It’s also in my collection of short stories, Witch Way, which is published on Amazon and Smashwords.

(At one point, I was going to call the book Unspecified, which is why I wrote the story. Then a friend suggested I name it after a different story in the collection. So I did.)

Read Unspecified at http://worthingflash.blogspot.com/2020/05/unspecified.html

book cover

I’ve just finished a large glass of wine, which is the worst time to be penning a blog post. I may find all kinds of typos in it tomorrow that I can’t see today.

Have you ever penned something under the influence that you later wished you hadn’t ?

8 thoughts on “Unspecified

    1. I wonder what points someone in that direction? At my school, the only career routes on the honours board were registered nurses and university degrees. (Although that was the ’60s).


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