Another Cursory Rhyme

Pigs and whistles

Tom, Tom the piper’s son,
stole a pig and away did run.
It wriggled free and bit his knee
and scampered home in time for tea.

But pig-man Pete had seen the theft,
For, as a thief, Tom wasn’t deft,
and piglets make a lot of noise
when lifted up by clumsy boys.

Pete watched and waited. By and by,
he caught Tom lurking near the sty.
“Now what yer doing here m’lad?
You pinch my pig. I’ll tell your dad.”

But Tommy said, “I meant no harm.
I’d feed it well and keep it warm.
Dad’s ’llergic to all furry pets,
But might be safe with pink piglets.”

The pig-man said, “These piglets grow,
too big to keep in t’house, you know.
But you could help me muck ’em out
and feed ’em, if you hang about.”

Tom’s mum was happy for the lad
to learn pig-keeping; though his dad
had hoped that Tom would pipe or strum.
But Tom was tone-deaf, like his mum.

Though Dad was sad, like his before him,
he’s wise to know you can’t choose for ’em.
Now Tom sings to t’pigs as he swills ’em through,
And the pigs don’t mind ‘cos they’re tone-deaf too.

Do you have a Nursery Rhyme you’d like me to mangle?

Make it one you hate anyway…

Or, why not try it yourself ?

8 thoughts on “Another Cursory Rhyme

    1. Confession time… I’m digging out some oldies here to fill blogspace. If the weather brightens up again – as promised – I shall be out in the garden with the sun!


  1. Bloody brilliant! Cheers Cathy!
    Here in North Wales the weather’s hot
    and outside I am headed –
    the garden beckons
    so I reckons
    you’re outside, scribing your next plot.

    Keep well – keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the thing. And thanks so much for commenting.
      It’s too hot for writing indoors today. Time to catch up with my reading, I’d say. 🙂


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