More Chickenfeed Games

For those of you who downloaded Worms and Straw Bales (pictured above), I have discovered an earlier game from John Spiers of

This is a card game called Feed the Chickens which appeared last August. (How did I miss it? . . .Last year was a busy year.) Find either game by clicking on the name in this page, or go to John’s blog.


He is also setting up a new website called Gracie and Friends as ‘an opportunity to share more free stuff with you, particularly games with a higher “ready-to-publish” quality.’

He writes…

For me, it will be a chance to make more happy and colorful drawings of everyone when they were just little chicks. That was before the boys started crowing and had to move out into the country and before the girls started laying eggs. That was when they were all at their cutest and loved exploring all of the goodness the world has to give.

eggs in tray

To download the updated version of Worms and Straw Bales and to follow the new blog, go to


three chicks


Do you confide in your pets?

What animals do you chat with?

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