More Home Experiments

AccuWeather School: Let the air show its muscles and crush a can

image from Accuweather

You’ll have to scroll a long way down the Accuweather page for the crush-a-can experiment; it was posted on April 27th. (Sorry – forgot to finish this post.)

Scroll down even further for more home experiments, such as how to make a cloud or balance an egg on its end…


(Apologies if some of you have received an alert email for a post that has since disappeared. This was supposed to be scheduled for June. The page gave me an alert that an unknown error had prevented its scheduling but it didn’t warn me that it had sent out emails! It will appear in due course, sorry for the hiccup.)

What new websites and resources have you found during lockdown?

9 thoughts on “More Home Experiments

  1. That WAS a long way down! Dr C remembers doing that with 6th form science class, she also remembers doing “the hydrogen bubble” experiment ……. shattered some lab windows and sent half the class temporarily deaf 😂 She’d have been arrested nowadays, but those were the days when real chemistry was taught in schools ☹️

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    1. I wanted to be a vet – till I realised how squeamish I am. (I look away when my O.H. is watching a torture scene on TV – even though I know they won’t actually film someone’s finger being pruned.)
      Meteorology never even came up in my school’s career lessons. (It was a 60’s girl’s school…)

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      1. well I guess it’s a good thing your realized you were squeamish before you went to vet school. I took a meteorology class in college – it was the lowest grade I received in four years…

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  2. We used to do exciting science demonstrations like that in eighth grade. I was glad to be reminded how fun they were. I just learned how to use Kahoots to play games against my granddaughter. I flunked the memory one but beat her on general knowledge.

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    1. We used to fo general knowledge crosswords on the way doen to London, but I’ve given those up. Too many of the questions are about soap operas or pop singers I’ve never heard of.

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