Warning: COVID-19 Scam

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During these uncertain times, there are still some horrible people out there trying to exploit and con people out of savings and money.

Below, you will see a text message that is currently being sent to mobile phones in the UK concerning the Coronavirus. It informs the recipient that they have been fined for leaving the house. You are asked to click on a link to make payment.

This is a scam. Please do not click on any links if you receive this message. Delete the message immediately.

If you’re able to, please pass on this information to family and friends and warn them of this scam.

If you know of any other COVID-19 scams, please leave details in the comments section.

This article may also help.

Coronavirus phishing emails: How to protect against COVID-19 scams

Stay safe.

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7 thoughts on “Warning: COVID-19 Scam

  1. Truly evil Cathy, but nobody will convince me that these mega internet companies, such as google, Apple, Facebook are incapable of tracking these people down. I’m constantly sickened by their being protected by the very privacy laws they abuse!

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    1. There are always fraudsters. Now they have new ways of defrauding.
      It’s the trolls I’d like to be able to hex. Nobody’s losing any money to them so there’s little effort to identify them. Bullies who hide behind anonymity are the worst kind of bullies (and they’re all contemptible).

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