Things to do while hibernating

My favourite jigsaw.

This was a jigsaw of Mr Mole proposing to Thumbelina, bought when my children were small and our Staffy, Rumble, was a pup (no, not the current Staffy. Rumble died in the 1990s).

The jigsaw was a bu challenge to put together because the pieces looked different depending on where the light was and which way you looked at it.

The first time we put it together, some fell on the floor. By the time we’d rescued it all, one piece bore Rumble’s toothmarks and was missing a blip. That time, it was the last piece we placed to complete the jigsaw, but after that we always knew where ‘Rumble’s bit’ went.

Every December we would bring the jigsaw out to occupy the coffee table for a couple of weeks. Everyone would add a few pieces while at a loose end or watching TV. I liked the picture so much I contacted the manufacturer to purchase a print which still hangs framed in my hallway.

Sadly, when we sold the family home the jigsaw went missing in the move. By the time I noticed the items from that particular drawer were missing, I had been in my new home for almost a year, so it was late to be contacting the removals men.

The jigsaw pictured above was discovered at a car boot sale a couple of years ago by my niece. (Thanks Vicky!) While it’s missing Rumble’s signature, it is otherwise identical, and I’ll be bringing it out to help keep hubby awake during our enforced house-arrest self-isolation.

Meanwhile, there’s that TBR pile of books breeding on my bookshelf. . .

book pile

How are you planning to fill your self-isolation?

10 thoughts on “Things to do while hibernating

  1. My brother and I made all the Victorian wooden jigsaw puzzles that my grandparents kept at their summer house. They had no pictures on the boxes, so they were especially challenging. My brother would always slip a piece away until we were through and then “Ta-Da” present it so he could finish. Thanks for the idea. I have an untouched 1000 piece challenge around here some place.

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  2. Good luck with that. Trouble is, I find my back doesn’t take well to bending over jigsaw puzzles these days. I’m sure it must constitute exercise of some sort though – taken in moderation.

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    1. I love puzzles… Sudoku and it’s spin-offs for logic, writing for the language side of the brain (I can’t do a general knowledge crossword these days; I don’t watch that much TV) and jigsaws for the visual skills (not my strong suit). It’s surprising how much they grip you, especially when you haven’t done one (harder than pre-school level) for a while.


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