The Humpty Verdict: a cautionary tale

A Diversion.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

cleared up the pieces and got out their pens.

It shouldn’t have happened. Somebody’s to blame.

An official took down every witnesses’ name.


An enquiry was opened. They put out the word

that they meant to investigate what had occurred.

Were there warning signs posted for climbers to heed?

Should the signs have been bigger? (Could young Humpty read?)


Should the ground be made softer, to cushion a plunge

if it happens again? Lined with rubber or sponge?

Was it the builder’s rough brickwork at fault?

Did somebody push him? Was Humph never taught

to keep feet on the pavement? His teachers must answer.

Or had he known well, and was Humpty a chancer?


Since all his friends knew – e’en before Humpty’s fall,

he should never have climbed on the brickwork at all.

Is it only me who thinks that children need to learn there are consequences to their actions?

And that those consequences aren’t someone else’s fault

Or is it something their parents never learned?

9 thoughts on “The Humpty Verdict: a cautionary tale

  1. I agree. Parents blame others a lot for what their kids do wrong. We had a bad accident here several years ago. Two young people were in car, the driver was drunk and killed the other boy – an athlete who had been a standout in high school and was in his freshman year of college. The dad came into the newspaper office screaming that alcohol hadn’t been involved , even though there were beer cans all over the road. I had to cover the preliminary hearing for the newspaper and the mom of the driver who was chafed called me crying saying “they were just babies who went out to get sodas.” Her baby was 18 and they’d gone out to get alcohol and her son’s blood alcohol level was through the roof. I was floored – this and kid finally got out of jail and kept doing the same things over and over because mommy kept making excuses for him. Also loved the hospital executive that bailed her son out of jail after he sold tainted drugs and a man died.

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