Shameless Plug for Witch Way

photo of book

My first copy of Witch Way has finally arrived.

I didn’t order a proof copy. The one we ordered for Where the Wild Winds Blow came with a grey band printed around the cover, saying “Not for Resale”, which kinda spoils the effect.

For A Following Wind we ordered an author copy instead, which costs around the same, so that’s what I did for Witch Way. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of people to be rushing to buy it before I’d seen it.

There are twenty-four stories, flash fiction and story-verses in its 165 pages. Some were first published online or in the Whittlesey Wordsmiths’ anthologies so, if you’re interested, check out the table of contents on Amazon’s preview to see what you’re getting.

Find Witch Way in paperback and e-book on and

Guess what my family are getting for Christmas…


It’s getting closer…

How’s your Christmas planning going?

11 thoughts on “Shameless Plug for Witch Way

    1. I’m glad you like it. It’s about as much as I can manage with my limited media skills (I must get around to reading the manual for Gimp one day. Im sure it would do everything I want if only I understood the terms it uses – doh!)

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