Christmas Crackers;

another weird British custom

Until last week, I wasn’t aware that Christmas crackers are not a seasonal accessory familiar to our American cousins.

I was alerted to this by a review of my Christmas story-verse “A Year Before Christmas“. The dedication is “To Digger, who wasn’t afraid of Christmas crackers.”

I’ve since discovered a history of Christmas crackers on the bitaboutbritain blog at which I’d like to share with my American readers. Do go and read it if you’re interested.

You will find explanations of many aspects of the traditional British Christmas listed at , and other information about Britain and its quirks on the rest of this website

What other customs do you know of that haven’t travelled out of their country of origin?

13 thoughts on “Christmas Crackers;

    1. And ours. Sadly, our old Staffie used to be reduced to a quivering jelly by the bangs (and Prosecco corks popping). It’s the one positive aspect of her geriatric deafness that she is no longer frightened by fireworks and thunderstorms.

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  1. I have wondered for some time what these were but never took the time to find out until I followed your very helpful link. It is tough to know what traditions we have that you don’t since I assume, as you did with the crackers, that everyone does the same thing!

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  2. Folks in the US don’t do Christmas crackers? I had always assumed they were just as popular over there… oops! I’m actually not sure if I know the history of how they came about, or if it’s one of those factoids that got buried in my subconscious and I’ve forgotten. I’m just having a look through the blog you linked to now. Thought I’d share one of the cracker jokes on there :

    What do you call a bunch of chess players bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?
    Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.


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