How To Centre Captions Under Blog Images On The Gutenberg Editor

Another useful tip from Hugh’s Views and News. (Don’t you love those bloggers who save us time and angst by doing the research for us?)

Hugh's Views & News  

Are you having problems getting captions under the images on your blog posts to align centre when using the Gutenberg editor?

When previewing the post, although captions looked centred, when a post is published, captions are aligned to the left under images, photos and pictures.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was having the same problem and was having to centre captions by creating a new paragraph block under images, photos and pictures, and centring the text from there.

However, this meant that if I used the same image again, I had to hunt down copyright notices because if I added details in the edit area of an image, the text always aligned to the left.

The result was captioning looked out-of-line, which in-turn spoilt the look of the images, photos and pictures, as well as the whole post. It wasn’t a look I liked.

However, with the help…

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4 thoughts on “How To Centre Captions Under Blog Images On The Gutenberg Editor

    1. My policy is usually to wait till they’ve ironed out the annoyances.
      They’ve a way to go with this as the ‘Classic’ block is still there for those of us used to changing colour in the middle of a paragraph and other refinements of the old editor.

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