KDP paperback tips

…learned the hard way

Headers (again)

It is usual for the first page of a chapter or story (which has its own title) not to have a header – see below.

That page would look over-busy with two titles.

If you are using a formatted Amazon template, this is all set up for you to copy-and-paste each chapter or story into the chapters set up for you in the template.

By being less gung-ho with our second anthology, and investigating the template before populating it (hindsight is a wonderful thing) I realised that the template deals with the issue of unwanted headers by including Section Breaks at the end of each chapter/story.

For this purpose, the Next Page Section Breaks available in the Breaks section of the Layout tab do the job just as well.

For our last anthology, I hadn’t added section breaks to separate the chapters. I’d set up my Style for chapter headings to add a page break before (this option is on the second tab of the paragraph formatting box, see Novice Self-publishing, 3; Word Styles) and I thought this would do the job.

It did the job of starting a new page, but I had to remove those headers manually (which was a very involved process – I won’t refer you back to that blog post out of sheer embarrassment).

The KDP template’s Section Breaks at the end of each chapter do more than start a new page for the next chapter. They make each new chapter page the first page of a new section. Then you simply need to ensure that the toolbar option for a different first page header is checked (see below).

Open a new toolbar by double-clicking inside any header. The option for a different first page header is located around the middle of the toolbar.

Shameless plug

The Whittlesey Wordmiths’ second anthology is now live on Amazon

What are you giving your relatives for Christmas?

Guess what mine are getting…

2 thoughts on “KDP paperback tips

  1. Well done Cathy. Thanks for posting that. Nothing wrong with a shameless plug when the book in question is of such exceptional quality. I am looking forward to the publication of Witch Way and other stories, please put me a copy on order.

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