Another Poem

I have only just realised that the last poem I posted (Into Each Life) has already featured in this blog.

(Nobody noticed. )

In the absence of anything else to write abut, here’s another poem from my monthly delve into verse. The prompt for August was ‘Numb’.

As you’ll know if you’ve been here before, I signed up to a challenge to produce 12 poems in 12 months on the 12 Short Stories website. This has since relocated and is now at Each month we have a prompt and a date on which to post our next offering.


 That day of your appointment, 
when we planned that we would catch the bus at ten,
The old alarm clock woke me,
and that's when I knew you wouldn't wake again.
I made the calls and waited,
thinking how my life would change from that day on,
And all the time felt nothing,
as if all were normal and you hadn't gone.
The funeral came and went,
and people came and went, and then I was alone.
But still I felt no heartache,
though the world was flat and cold and monochrome.
They say, when creatures fight
against some powerful foe or predator or rival,
Shock shields them from the rip of tooth and slash of claw,
to aid in their survival,
And pain comes later.
P'raps someday the hawk of grief will find me – who can know?
Its strike will open up my ice-bound veins and jolt my heart,
and pain will flow.

What new writing challenges have you attempted this year?

What would you like to try, if only you had more time?

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