Into Each Life…

As you’ll know if you’ve been here before, I signed up to a challenge to produce 12 poems in 12 months on the 12 Short Stories website. This has since relocated and is now at Each month we have a prompt and a date on which to post our next offering.

The challenge for June was to use sound devices, such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, assonance, consonance (yes, I had to look them up ).

Into Each Life…

From dreams of thrown rice pattering on a path,
I'm woken by the pattering of rain.
Whipped by the wind it lashes at the glass,
as you lashed out to dash my dreams again.
Storm winds howl around the house in anger,
scattering bins and buckets in their wake.
Empty flowerpots tumble, crash and clatter;
candle-lanterns tinkle as they break.
Till banshee winds, exhausted by their passion,
subside to moans and murmurings of woe.
An overflowing gutter pounds a rhythm,
drumming on the garden seat below.
The storm moves on, as you moved on, indifferent
to what's behind it, draggled and forlorn.
And drips of water plopping from the gutter
toll the leaden hours till greylight dawns.


I’ve just added another shortie to my Commaful collection.

If you haven’t visited Commaful yet, pop over to

Many of my contributions started life as 150-word entries to the weekly AdHoc writing challenge from the Bath Flash Fiction Award. For Crystal, my latest addition, the prompt was ‘Bowl’. To read it, click on the photo below.

Do you find ways to re-use snippets of writing that have outlived their original purpose?

Share them with us.

8 thoughts on “Into Each Life…

  1. So evocative of personal pain seeping into our nights through a catalyst of natural forces. For such a theme using sound devices really works well. And I’m a sucker for alliteration! I particularly like the image of ‘greylight dawns’ – for you no promise of warm joyful sunrise but the realisation that another empty day beckons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comments. I’m so pleased you like it, not being a naturally poetic person. I often feel a bit of a fraud with my monthly contributions to the challenge, but hey, that’s what challenges are about.


    1. Thank you. I value that endorsement. I’m aware my verses tend to jog along like a jingle in comparison to other contributions, but without a framework of metre and rhyme to work to I end up scrapping my poetic efforts as pretentious.


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