Into each life…

Earlier this year I joined the web community at 12 short when it extended its scope to include a poetry challenge. I signed up to post a poem each month on a given theme.

I’m no poet. I enjoy versifying, but, as followers of this blog will have noticed, there’s nothing poetic about my verses (Fred’s Legacy, A Study in Red…)

June’s challenge was to use sound devices. It turns out this has nothing to do with headphones or speakers, but poetic uses of sound. I had to look them up.

It certainly prompted a different kind of poem from me (which is, I suppose, what it’s all about).

Into Each Life…

rain on roof

From dreams of thrown rice pattering on a path,

I’m woken by the pattering of rain.

Whipped by the wind it lashes at the glass,

as you lashed out to dash my dreams again.


Storm winds howl around the house in anger,

scattering bins and buckets in their wake.

Empty flowerpots tumble, crash and clatter;

candle-lanterns tinkle as they break.

house in storm

Till banshee winds, exhausted by their passion,

subside to moans and murmurings of woe.

An overflowing gutter pounds a rhythm,

drumming on the garden seat below.


The storm moves on, as you moved on, indifferent

to what’s behind it, draggled and forlorn.

And drips of water plopping from the gutter

toll the leaden hours till greylight dawns.

rain on window

What groups or challenges did you take up that brought unexpected results?

Many thanks to Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord Blog Magazine for re-publishing three of my earlier posts.

As well as giving new life to posts from other bloggers, Sally covers an amazing range of subjects, from food and health to memoirs and stories, not forgetting numerology. I recommend a browse through Smorgasbord. There’s sure to be something that will catch your attention.

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