Good Company

I’ve entered writing competitions, taken courses too.

Perhaps I’ve left it late to be exploring pastures new.

I’ve never won, but twice came third

and sometimes made the shortlist.

Sent stories off to magazines but never had one published.

For every lucky prizewinner you’re always going to find

a crowd of wistful ‘also rans’ are straggling behind.

But not all readers share the judges’ taste. We can take heart

from prestigious awards in other creative fields – like Art.

Obsessions by Yayoi Kusama

Because I didn’t win, I don’t intend to take up knitting.

It doesn’t mean that I can’t write and I should think of quitting.

I’ll strive to dream up storylines and think creatively,

‘cos everybody can’t be best.

I’m in good company.

Don’t let the competition put you off.

How do you beat rejection blues?

10 thoughts on “Good Company

  1. I remember that on a blog there is instant acceptance. Very low rate of rejection! I have been delighted to see how many people read me on any given day. The same for you. Who knows if anyone would even read those little magazines that reject us!(sour grapes. Who cares?)

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  2. I think you should keep going! I have been published a lot. I started by just blogging and then writing for my local paper for free to build up my portfolio. It was a really great way for me to get free stuff, too, like food for restaurant reviews or free shows for concert/musical reviews. Nice poem, too. Don’t give up!

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    1. Thanks for commenting – and for the vote of confidence. I’ve just found a new competition for my children’s book and another flash contest. Now I just have to drag my eyes away from new puppy long enough to write a flash story. (Pics later. )


      1. Yes it is! I still struggle with not making it bigger. I have friends on huge television shows. But I chose to stay home and raise my children so it is what it is. My goal is to be happy with what I have not with what I do not.

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  3. People have paid to read your work, bought the product, that is success. The biggest disappointment I had was buying a Booker prize winning novel billed as a comedy and after reading it through from cover to cover (a feat in itself) realising I had not laughed once. If you give just one person pleasure reading your work that is better than any prize, in my opinion.

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  4. Cathy, don’t be discouraged. I have just applied for a fellowship on the logical assumption that i will not get it. Seriously, i would be astonished. I never expect to win. But the process of applying was hugely helpful to my writing. It forced me to think harder and further. That’s a win! You read a lot and write a lot. That’s where most of the joy lies. Meantime you have readers right here.


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