Being a Better Writer: The Ellipses and the Em-dash, Odd Forms of Punctuation

This is a useful article on ellipses and m-dashes. I’ve been told I use too many of both, so I’m trying to give them up, but this will point you in the right direction.
Both are sometimes applied differently in the UK – I tend to put a space each side of my dashes when used as an alternative to parentheses (and they are n-dashes rather than m-dashes, as applied automatically by MS Word) but the important thing is to be make your choice and be consistent, as emphasised in this post.

Unusual Things

Welcome back readers! I hope you had, if from the US, a successful and interesting 4th of July, and if not from the US, a solid weekend! I did. For starters, my friends and I gathered and watched all of Season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I won’t spoil anything (obviously, I mean, come on) but I will say that I think it’s better than the second season. Mostly because they fixed the largest flaw with the second season, which was some weak pacing in the last few episodes. Here everything is much more tightly bound together, and there’s never really a single moment where even if you feel like you can stop that you want to.

So yeah, it’s really good. I do recommend. Next, there are only a few hours left in the Independence Day Sale! By tomorrow, it’ll no longer be available, so if you…

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5 thoughts on “Being a Better Writer: The Ellipses and the Em-dash, Odd Forms of Punctuation

  1. I wish I cared more about grammar…. I–don’t. (But I know it’s important. And I do rely on such grammar faux paux quite a bit!)

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    1. Me too… but I’ve been rather vague about which I use for what (and probably do use too many of both). Other than that, the most interesting part, I thought, was the admission that it doesn’t matter which form we use as long as we’re consistent.

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