Who are you today?

I read this poignant post today and wanted to share it.

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Who are you today?

I often wonder

Have you geared up to tackle blunt realities or are you still clouded by conspiracy theories?

Are you still a cosy armchair expert or are you jumping into the field and getting your hands dirty?

Is your full-time job what you’d like to do in leisure? Perhaps, you published the comics, that the seven-year-old you unleashed on walls and chart paper alike.

If genetics wins the Nature vs Nurture debate, then perhaps you’ve found your safe haven in education. I bet you’re raising hell by inspiring your students to rebel.

I hope you’ve embraced your awkward self and still happily flail on the dance floor, fumble song lyrics and stay wary of glass.

I pray you still get lost, every now and then, and go through a memorable adventure to find your way back. Who knows? Maybe those days are long gone and…

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9 thoughts on “Who are you today?

    1. It has indeed, and Jen will be coming back with me when I return. She’s been deeply touched by everyone’s kindness and now has a two-month window before her next round of scans and treatment review. She’s really looking forward to spending it with her siblings.

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      1. That’s great. I’m sure it’ll be so nice to have her right there with you. My girls are 9 and 5. And my 5 year old has an overnight medical test coming up that I’m so grateful they allow me to stay with her for. I imagine that feeling never changes, no matter how old they are.

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