Off With Her Hair – When bald is best. —

I am in New Zealand visiting my daughter, and have now met all these lovely people.

picture of friends

The picture and linked post below are from her blog at

It’s handy that you can’t see yourself,  I quite often forget I don’t have hair until a stranger gives me a second look or I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a car window. It started falling out gradually at first and I was able to clutch to the hope that I might be one of the lucky few who manages to keep hold of their hair. Sadly that wasn’t the case…

My oncologist had told me my hair would begin to fall out during the 3rd week of treatment and it did. I woke up one morning to find hair all over the pillow cases, worried that if I had a shower it would fall away completely. In the end I decided to take control of the situation by shaving it all off.

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11 thoughts on “Off With Her Hair – When bald is best. —

  1. Taking control of the things you can control I think is important. It is the course of action I am trying to get my brother to take. I know it is difficult in that situation the radiotherapy and the chemo knocks you completely for six, I understand the fatigue is terrible.

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    1. the chemo is worse than the disease. After three sessions Jen had a scan which showed the tumours hadn’t shrunk at all, so it seems she has a different type of cancer than first thought, which doesn’t respond to chemo. The bad news is that it never leaves you (those that respond to chemo can be cured completely), but it can be managed with other therapies. The good news is it is slower growing so we have more time to find the right therapy. The other good news is, no more chemo. Check out her blog; she’s had over three thousand views since she went public last week.

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      1. I am too, but I have deep compassion for you as a mom. I am glad you are able to be there at the moment. I think it would have been dreadful to get that news halfway around the globe.

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        1. Well, I did; although I’d begun to worry after an earlier phone call, when she still thought it was endo but mentioned how tired she felt all the time. I timed my visit for her mid-chemo scan, to see her through her hysterectomy and first chemo afterwards, but things were turned on their head when they discovered her tumours hadn’t responded to the chemo. Waiting around for more scans has been frustrating, but we’re hoping for a positive meeting tomorrow and a date for the op. Thanks for your good wishes.

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  2. Carhy, Sorry, have only just got round to reading your daughter’s blog. What a positive attitude she has, and an inspiration to others. I will be following her blog x

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  3. Have only just read your daughter’s blog Cathy. What a positive attitude she has, an inspiration to others. I’ll be following her blog x


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