Video Making for the Clueless

Once again I have to thank Nicholas Rossis at
for a Really Useful tip

The link above introduced me to FlexClip: a free resource for putting together videos (for advertising, greeting cards, blog posts…).

FlexClip is really easy to use. According to Nicholas’s post, the free version only works on Chrome (which I use anyway) but there is also a desktop application to download for a mere £4.19. I’ve now downloaded this but haven’t used it yet.

I’ll leave it to Nicholas to fill in more detail at…

Here’s one I made earlier

The clip above was put together in an afternoon between two visitations from relations and a dog walk. I’m now about to email it out to my family and other captive contacts.


What free resources can you recommend to us beginners?

6 thoughts on “Video Making for the Clueless

  1. That was too fun. I haven’t tried making videos, but my grandchildren are very adept at it. They use the IMovie that comes with the Apple IPad.


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