The New WordPress Editor:

Introduction & Basic Functions (with Screenshots & Step-By-Step Instructions)

Maybe I move in the wrong circles, but all the posts I’ve seen so far about the new editor have detailed how to turn it off, so I found this advice on encouraging as well as enlightening.

Retrospective Lily

Hi, friends. Happy New Year! 🙂 Speaking of things that are new…

A new editor has come to WordPress, and while using it isn’t mandatory for now, we’ll all (presumably) be forced to switch at some point. [It’s actually a few months old but new to me.]

Anticipating that, I have been using the new editor for a couple weeks. At first, I hated it, because who likes change? Now that I’m used to it, I like it more than the old one (mostly).

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Foundational Difference Between the Old & New Editor

The old editor works like the average text document, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. A blog post is essentially one text document filled with various components. All the options for formatting are arranged across the top. If you want to write a list, insert a blockquote, make a…

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6 thoughts on “The New WordPress Editor:

  1. I have been using Gutenberg for the last few months, wanting to get a handle on it ahead of official release. While I see pros to it, The new block method I still don’t care for. It’s more like making a web page than a blog entry. I’m getting used to it. After all, at some point they will make it the only editor. I don’t see them supporting two editors very long. I miss the old editor.

    All platforms seem to be aligning themselves with business interest. Blogs are resembling businesses more than the personal touch we have always had. Internet forums are the same way, they are taking on a commercial appearance. I’ll get along with it, no time to quit now, and not much use in complaining. Thanks for the great link.

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    1. Welcome to my blog.
      I haven’t tried Gutenberg yet. most posts happen when I suddenly realise I haven’t posted for a while and then everything’s rushed and I don’t have time to experiment. I hereby resolve to try it for my next post (after the one I’ve already started – scheduled for Wednesday. I’ve never scheduled a post before… one step at a time). I’ll have to start it early so I have time to get it wrong.

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  2. Thanks for showcasing this post, Cathy. It is still ‘All Greek’ to me, and I am still dreading the change. However, I have bookmarked the linked post to refer to when I have no option but to use Gutenberg. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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