Christmas Starts Here


’Twas the night before Christmas when Santa’s new elf,

in the vast, silent workshop, sat all by herself.

She’d been fetching and carrying, sent to and fro

making tea, running errands – the least of the low.


And she’d mucked out the stables, not noticing that

daft old Rudolph was munching her new elven hat.

So it was, that when Santa Claus marshalled the rest,

Emmie failed to pass muster – improperly dressed.

Santa sleigh

If you’d like to hear the rest of Emmie’s story, read on.


00439776My birthday is 1st December, so in our family that was officially the start of the festive season. We bought the Christmas tree around then and the poor thing had to survive the jostling and the central heating until New Year’s Eve.

Since it’s about to be December, here is a pre-Christmas gift to my readers – and cover low resanyone else who would like to download a copy free from Smashwords.


Click on this link or go to…


There is also a neat little print version available for £3.97 from Amazon at


As R.L. Stevenson wrote, “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive,” (Virginibus Puerisque, 1881).  For me, Christmas is a similar destination: anticipation is half the fun.

Enjoy your December, whatever midwinter festival you end it with.

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