Fred’s Legacy

camper alexandra-nicolae-456070-unsplash

We bought a pre-loved camper-van.
We’d travelled up by train.
The owner’s dog had crept inside
and wouldn’t come out again.

cur ben-hanson-558875-unsplash

The lady planned to emigrate.

She’d shown us both around,
watched carefully by Algernon,
an indeterminate hound.


Embarrassed, she said, ‘Take him too. dog lead priscilla-du-preez-234136-unsplash

‘He won’t cost much to feed.

‘He can’t come when I emigrate.

‘So… shall I get his lead?’


camper road tobias-weinhold-784215-unsplash


When Jim and I, and Algernon
(with dog bed, lead and trough)
were halfway down the A1(M),
the camper-van took off!

Jim fought it through the back roads
till it stopped outside a pub.
We all leapt out. One bystander
gave Algie’s ears a rub.


He said, ‘That’s Fred’s dog – and his bus!old drinkers ugur-peker-666870-unsplash
‘Fred died in that there ’van.
‘’Twere camped on t’moors.
Two days it were
before they found the man.’

Tears in his eyes, he told of Fred
and faithful Algernon.
‘He barked, and barked, till someone came.
Fred’s daughter took him on.’

bird arrow-1523735176740-fcd774c1e3c1


Now, spooked and fearful, off we went
but Jim mistook the track.

A cloud of starlings formed an arrow
pointing our way back.

fuel gab-pili-154696-unsplash


The engine gently coughed as we
approached a petrol bay.
Jim hadn’t noticed fuel was low.
The next was miles away.


The light was fading when, at home,
I raised my evening drink.
‘Thanks, Fred, for looking after us.’
I’ll swear, one headlight winked.

camper wink nick-baker-98364-unsplash

Fred’s Legacy and Together are two of my contributions

to the anthology our writing group has just published.

Titled Where the Wild Winds Blow, it is a motley collection of writing in response to the monthly challenges set for our reading group, celebrating the many ways different imaginations will interpret the same challenge.

e-book cover lastContributions from the Whittlesey Wordsmiths include fact and fiction, humour and darkness, verse and worse.

Contributing authors:
Valerie Chapman, Caroline Cowan, Philip Cumberland, Jan Cunningham, Valerie Fish, Wendy Fletcher, Teresa Gilbertson, George Holmes, Stephen Oliver, Tessa Thompson – and me, Cathy Cade.

Cover photograph by Philip Cumberland
Formatted for publication by me, so please let me know if you find any howling errors – thanks! 


9 thoughts on “Fred’s Legacy

      1. That’s sad. The loss of a pet is always heartbreaking. You have my condolences, Cathy.
        I’m not a camping person at all, but have always had a fondness for those VW models. They are really iconic. 🙂


        1. But expensive to maintain. My daughter loves the VWs. Ours is a vintage Talbot. Everyone we meet on sites congratulates us on how good it looks for its age. We don’t like to tell them we’ve only had it two years.

          Liked by 1 person

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