Goblins and Trolls

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

When goblins denigrate your work,

and trolls belittle every line,

Don’t even try to understand the labyrinth of their twisted minds.

Trolls delight in others’ pain – seek to destroy, not to create,

And leave behind them worms of doubtworms gg54716799

that stir your fears and feed on hate.

Picture Henson’s Labyrinth creatures – stunted, unloved, cowardly.

Like Sarah, spurn the goblin bullies…

You have no power over me

20 thoughts on “Goblins and Trolls

    1. If you click on that link to the Commaful version there are a couple of gifs from the film, courtesy of Commaful, that I didn’t dare try to repeat here for copyright reasons. i’m still vague about what images I can post without having to pay for them, having realised that royalty-free isn’t the same as free-to-copy. If I ever get to understand it all I’ll post about it! Sadly I didn’t need to use any of Bowie for the verse. (Maybe I’ll rewrite it.)

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