Another One I Made Earlier

I’ve just added Postcard from Malta to Commaful – a quick read with pictures.

ancient architecture daylight handrails
Photo by Artur Roman on

This was my response to a short writing group challenge at a time when we had other tasks to complete around Where the Wild Winds Blow, the anthology we are about to self-publish.

Our responses to the postcard challenge are in the book, along with other flash fiction, fact and fantasy, verse and worse, and – of course – short stories.

Watch this space…

One thought on “Another One I Made Earlier

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the book in the flesh so to speak. Where the Wild Winds Blow has been so far an abstract proposition, not the content but the finished polished physical item. Just the cover to get sorted and a few other twiddly bits then we can get a sample printed.


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