Now for Something Completely Different

After a blog full of commas, here’s another Commaful diversion.

Commaful website is running a fantasy story contest; you can find details at Judging is by readers’ votes, and there’s no monetary prize – just postings on Commaful’s social media channels.

I’ve posted a story-verse about the Mirlings (little scaled people with gills who live in a fishpond and inhabit a children’s story I wrote. They have legs, not tails, but I couldn’t find any pictures of little scaly people with gills.)


Find my entry at

I’ve entered Barney as well since he’s fantastic too. All votes gratefully received.

I only just found out about the contest, which ends on 1st September, so have hurriedly added it to this post which was to be about a different piece I posted on Commaful last week.


But first, a little background.

Our writing group challenge this month was to avoid the usual sensory descriptions of sight and sound and concentrate on the other senses. (I only cheated a little.)

I reduced my contribution to a quickie and posted it on Commaful (this one was really easy to find illustrations for). Read it at

notebook shutterstock_386088037

Still on the subject of writing groups

Our writing group is developing a blog at

Please visit and tell us about your own blog in the comments; we’re keen to visit the blogs of other writing groups and pinch some ideas pick up some tips.

Get in touch

We are a U3A creative writing group, so if you’re a U3A member and likely to be in the Whittlesey area on the first Thursday of the month, we’d love to meet you. Get in touch and we’ll send directions.

What is the U3A?

The University of the Third Age is a national organisation for retirees. If you qualify, check online at for your nearest branch.



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