Just a quickie…

I found a new site yesterday – new to me, anyway.

It’s called commaful. You post stories or poems or just random thoughts and add pictures (supplied by the site). It’s best used for shortish works – I added a twenty-line verse I haven’t looked at for ages (but it’s the shortest I have) and found pictures to illustrate it on the site – not ideal pics, but good enough.




It was fun to do, although yesterday’s publication was something of a voyage of discovery, and it would have been useful to be able to add my own pics.  I’ve been back to the site since and discovered I could have added my own, if I’d had any (…not easy to photograph your dog underground, thinking about it. Not with a mobile phone, anyway).

It was all very quick and easy.  The site breaks up your work into very short screens for you to add a background (maybe it sections it by punctuation or paragraphing – I may experiment further). Best for short pieces – or perhaps story trailers; work can be shared to social media sites.

outdoor rabbit

Commaful’s users seem to be mostly youngish, but it is a fairly new yet-to-be-discovered site. I found more information and an interview with the founder at

Next time

I will get around to those semi-colons… sometime


4 thoughts on “Commaful

  1. I’m new to commaful as well, which is how I found your site! The platform does indeed seem to favor younger writers, but that seems to be true of all online writing communities these days. (I don’t think many folks over 22 years of age write much as a general rule, but hopefully I’m wrong about that.)


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    1. I’ve discovered a couple of senior commafriends just lately, so the site is expanding age-wise. In the last year, I’ve been surprised by the number of retirees who’ve taken up creative writing – even in my own little backwater. My job, when I had one, involved supporting University students with online resources, so I’m reasonable tech-aware (although falling behind now) but I think my fellow-oldies are fast becoming more IT-savvy.


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