Just a quickie…

I found a new site yesterday – new to me, anyway.

It’s called commaful. You post stories or poems or just random thoughts and add pictures (supplied by the site). It’s best used for shortish works – I added a twenty-line verse I haven’t looked at for ages (but it’s the shortest I have) and found pictures to illustrate it on the site – not ideal pics, but good enough.




It was fun to do, although yesterday’s publication was something of a voyage of discovery, and it would have been useful to be able to add my own pics.  I’ve been back to the site since and discovered I could have added my own, if I’d had any (…not easy to photograph your dog underground, thinking about it. Not with a mobile phone, anyway).

It was all very quick and easy.  The site breaks up your work into very short screens for you to add a background (maybe it sections it by punctuation or paragraphing – I may experiment further). Best for short pieces – or perhaps story trailers; work can be shared to social media sites.

outdoor rabbit

Commaful’s users seem to be mostly youngish, but it is a fairly new yet-to-be-discovered site. I found more information and an interview with the founder at

Next time

I will get around to those semi-colons… sometime


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