Laughter Lines

I was into my sixties when I began writing. Most successful writers took half a lifetime to hone their craft. Us silver scribblers have less time to smooth out those wrinkles in our writing that identify an apprentice wordsmith.

This blog is about my own writing wrinkles. (You may prefer to call them laughter-lines but they won’t look funny in your self-published book.)



In February 2022 I started revisiting old blog posts with a view to culling before I ran out of free WordPress space. The original advice I gave on self-publishing on CreateSpace has become embarrassing, since – several books later – I can identify several errors and misapprehensions. These were mostly due to me not reading instructions properly (if at all – I’ve become used to not reading written instructions now they mostly come in pictures) and thinking I knew what I was doing. I’ve since learned that my best bet is to go with Amazon’s formatted template, reformat Styles as I want them, and copy my text in on that right-hand Word option in the context menu that copies text into the style of the paragraph you’re copying into.

copy-paste context menu

True, this means you have to go through the story or chapter again to change headings and first paragraphs in a section to the correct Style, but it’s never a bad thing to go through a chapter yet again. I’ll always find something I’ve missed.

So… my previous advice posts on self-publishing will no longer be here, along with whatever other posts I delete as no longer relevant or correct.

I suspect culling will be a continuous process once I’ve started…

5 thoughts on “Laughter Lines

  1. How…! Dare…! You!
    I’m suing you for false advertising! I came to this page expecting some comic relief; some Brit wit. Instead, what do I get? I’ve read it twice and I still don’t know. Some nonsense about creating space on Amazon. Everyone knows that Amazon isn’t a social media site. How embarrassing would that be to approach Amazon and ask them,

    “To whom it may concern,
    I was wondering where I can possibly create an account and begin using this site? You see, I have tons of photos of my cats and their silly antics. They really are adorable. If you saw them, you’d think so too.
    Let’s not forget reposting the tons of memes that I expect to come across during the wasted hours on this site.
    Some days I think I may even come in to rant every now and then. I’m really looking forward to all the ‘likes’, not to mention the many comments I know I will get when they see my cats.
    Thank you for your immediate attention to this fe-mail. Please hurry. My cat keeps doing cute things and all my photos of her need a home.
    Crazy Cat Lady from the United Kingdom Come of Narnia

    It’s a good thing you’re across the pond, Cathy! That’s all I can say. I’m very disappointed….. very disappointed indeed….

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