How To Backup Your WordPress Blog To Prevent Losing All Its Contents

Thanks to hughesviewsandnews for a useful post on backing up your blog in case of didaster.

Hugh's Views & News  

How would you feel if you woke up one morning and discovered that your WordPress blog had been deleted or that most of your content had been lost?

It’s a scary thought, and probably the worst kind of nightmare situation for many bloggers.

WordPress has a process that allows all its users to backup the contents of their blog.

Today, I’m going to show you how to backup your blog without going via the ‘WP Admin’ button on the dashboard of your blog.

Not only is it a straight forward process, but it’s the quickest method of performing a backup of your blog. Plus, since I last wrote about this, you can now also backup all your media, images and photos.

Let’s start.

  • In the lefthand menu of the dashboard of your blog, click onTools, then onExport.

  • You’ll be presented with the following choices.

  • Let’s start…

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Book Launch Yesterday At U3A

Wendy – the leader of our writing group – held her first book-signing yesterday at a local U3A meeting. Sadly I was travelling home from Cornwall and misssed it, but I hear it went well.

Whittlesey Wordsmiths

A fantastic new post from Wendy Fletcher.

Wendy book signing. Wendy signing copies of her autobiography The Railway Carriage Child at the launch in Whittlesey

At the U3A meeting in Whittlesey yesterday I did a book signing session for my first book, The Railway Carriage Child. Over 100 members attended and the afternoon was a great success. I hope that is encouraging to all would-be writers who may be having doubts about stepping onto the public platform with their own creations

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