Why Authors Should Read Reviews

Why we should be reading reviews – not so much of our own work, but of other writers’.

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Good morning, everyone, PH with you here today, wishing you a wonderful day. I don’t know how many times something serendipitous happens with you and then you gain a better perspective or find a better way to do something but it happens to me often. Recently, I came across an inconsequential blog post and, as I read it, I realized something very helpful.

man sitting on bench reading a book. Bench surrounded by tall grasses, sun shining, portion of lake visible in backgroundMany of us authors spend a lot of time seeking out reviews. After all, a review can be very helpful to readers and validate our books. A glowing four or five star review can also make your day we. Reviews can also be hard to generate but they are gold when received. Personally, I should probably do more to seek them from bloggers than I have. It’s something else to work at in my spare time, spare time being twist of words for me these days.


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More Chickenfeed Games

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Rise Up! : Sign Language Version

The stepdaughter of Beetleypete from Norfolk, UK, has translated the song ‘Rise Up’ into sign language for this video.
(I’m guessing it is BSL as I faintly recognise some of it. What a shame there isn’t a universal sign language.)


My step-daughter Emma works here in Norfolk in a school for children with special educational needs. Because of Coronavirus, she is currently working from home on teaching projects. She decided to use her sign language skills to help and inspire the kids at the school, many of whom have great problems with communication. She worked hard to create a sign language version of the popular and inspiring song, ‘Rise Up!’

I don’t normally make such requests, but on this occasion I am asking all of you, wherever you live, to share this blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on any other social media platform you are a member of.

Sign language is international. and so many people trapped at home during the current lockdown may be thrilled and inspired by Emma’s video. Let them know it will all be over soon, and that one day they will ‘Rise Up’…

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More Home Experiments

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Bridge the Distancing

Online get-togethers and a new board game. Our writing group – the Whittlesey Wordsmiths – held our first meeting on Zoom in April. Some members were wobbly about the technology involved and left us pioneers to try it first. Although our first meeting was a doggy paddle of discovery, we soon got used to watching … Continue reading Bridge the Distancing