Windy Christmas

You may have heard, our writing group (The Whittlesey Wordsmiths) has recently published two Christmas collections of memories, short stories and verse. One is called Windy Christmas, the other is Jingle Bells and Tinsel Tales. Here is a snippet from Windy Christmas. Windy Christmas Here comes fresh snow; swirling clumps of it. My kind of … Continue reading Windy Christmas

London Trivia: Windmill closes

London Trivia pic

One of my daughters was recently discussing the origins of nursery rhymes and there are two in this blog episode…
But quite apart from those, I commend to you this weekly cornucopia of metropolitan trivia from a London cabbie which never fails to fascinate my North London hubby (you can take the ‘boy’ out of London but you can’t take the Londoner out of the ‘boy’.)


On 31 October 1964, the Windmill Theatre closed for conversion to a cinema. Its slogan ‘We never close’ referred to the fact that it continued its Revuedeville shows throughout the war.

On 31 October 1971 at 4.30am a bomb exploded at viewing gallery of BT Tower 2 weeks previously a white kitten had felled it on The Goodies

In the 17th and 18th centuries London thief-takers were rewarded £40+ the horse, arms and money of any highwayman they captured and were convicted

Meard Street is not named after the French word merde. It was the unfortunate name of its 1720s developer John Meard

In his will Dickens stipulated that no monuments be erected to his memory, that’s why London has no statues of one of its greatest writers

London Bridge is Falling Down referred to Norwegian King Olaf who suggested destroying the wooden bridge while occupied by Danes

The nursery…

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Bolt-cutter Blunder

Bolt-cutter Blunder Great-Gran’s attic is stuffed with junk. My wife and I are consigning most of it to bin bags and putting aside stuff we want to take downstairs for a closer look, away from the rustlings of mice. We’ve come across a padlocked box. My family suffered from one of those congenital conditions that … Continue reading Bolt-cutter Blunder

It’s Not You; It’s Me

It was my first job after school. After some early pleasantries, the staff room where ate my packed lunch would descend into funeral-grade silence (it was a public library, after all; everyone was reading new arrivals). The sound of my own crunching seemed to reverberate in my head, although my mouth was closed and nobody … Continue reading It’s Not You; It’s Me

Erasing word ‘mother’ is morally wrong

I don’t usually get involved in political arguments, but this is such a stupid and pointless decision for any government to take – and not within their remit.


Midwife and mother @turtillachip says the Scottish Government’s rush for inclusion belittles one of humanity’s important roles

I write this while sitting in utter dismay and deep in thought at the newest step from our Scottish Government.

They have decided to erase the word mother to make it more inclusive for parents who do not wish to be called mother.

To call mothers people.

I can honestly say that, throughout this campaign on the erasure of women, this has to be one of the saddest, most utterly depressing decisions that Nicola Sturgeon and her government have come up with so far.

Every single person on earth was born of a mother

We all have a mother, every single person on this earth. Some may not know their mother, some may not be close to their mothers, but everyone, without exception, came from the body of a mother.

In my 22…

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Christmas Reading?

Our writing group has just published two Christmas collections Windy Christmas is an eclectic collection of memories, poems and short stories (one or two perhaps not for the fainthearted). Jingle Bells and Tinsel Tales, on the other hand, is for those of a gentle disposition and suitable for bedtime reading to younger family members. Illustrations … Continue reading Christmas Reading?