Laughter Lines

I was into my sixties when I began writing. Most successful writers took half a lifetime to hone their craft. Us silver scribblers have less time to smooth out those wrinkles in our writing that identify an apprentice wordsmith. This blog is about my own writing wrinkles. (You may prefer to call them laughter-lines but … Continue reading Laughter Lines

Post Settings | Blogger 101

For those of us beginning to blog, here’s good advice on how to tweak our settings and develop our pages (yes – pages, as in plural. And here was me feeling brave about getting one up and running). And if you’ve not even started yet, go check out the other posts in this blogger’s helpful Blogger 101 series.

Peeking Beneath

Today we are going to focus on all of the options available in post settings while editing. And trust me, the settings may look short…until you click on the arrows and scroll through all the options. Here is what is available when you click the post settings while editing a post. Do you know all the options?

Status– How To Schedule, Who Can See Your Post, Front Page, Review

Categories & Tags– Categories & How To Make A New Category, Tags

Featured Image– Feature Image Insert

Sharing– Sharing Options, Sharing Buttons & Likes

More Options– Slug, Excerpt, Location, Allowing Comments, Allowing Pingbacks & Trackbacks, and Copying Post 

To get to these settings all you have to do is either edit a previously made post or make a new post.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 2.54.25 AM.png

To find your Post Settings you are going to click the gear in the…

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