But is it poetry?

The challenge was to write blank verse: not something I really understand, but - hey, I joined this challenge to learn, didn't I? My poems scan, their lines carefully rhymed and of a length, with syllables aligned. Its beats are bars in a melody’s score. Its rules are like bars of a cage. If words … Continue reading But is it poetry?

Hyphens and Compound Words #amwriting

A useful post I’m reblogging for our writing group (and for me, so I know where I can find it.)
I generally just guess about hyphenated words (or not). It’s handy to know ‘the rules’ (and that I’m not the only one confused about co-operate – see comments).

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. I am busy writing incomprehensible words that will require a great deal of revising and editing. But all that aside, this perfectly good post on hyphens and compound words was just lying around, so here you go! It was first posted on June 26, 2017, and since then, nothing has changed in the world of hyphenation. However, we can always use a little refresher when it comes to compound words and their usage.

Compound words are frequently a source of grief when I receive my manuscript back from my editor. Despite my best efforts, I habitually hyphenate words that should not be hyphenated.

Most people know that a compound word combines two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning.

Most people also know that there are two types of compounds:

  • those written as single words, with no hyphenation…

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Too Old To Believe

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com "Mum, I need money for the bus." Dorothy dried another mug. "No you don't, Toby. It isn't raining; and the walk's good for you." "I don't want to walk past that old cottage. There's a witch moved in with a warty nose and she's got a black cat." “That’s nice.” … Continue reading Too Old To Believe

Trick or Treat?

The dogs barked at the doorbell. Dusk was gathering early, now the clocks had changed. Living out here, in the middle of fields, I didn’t get trick-or-treaters. The two youngsters living up the drove didn’t bother dressing up for our few terraced houses. I shouted at the dogs to stop barking and sought treats to … Continue reading Trick or Treat?